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OC Human Relations Commission

2022 Orange County Hate Crimes Report

2022 HCR


In 1971 as an official governmental commission by the Board of Supervisors in collaboration with the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities.



Seek out the causes of tension and conflict, discrimination and intolerance and attempt to eliminate those causes.


Appointment Authority

Six Commissioners appointed by the OC Board of Supervisors, five appointed by the City Selection Committee staffed by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Orange County. Individuals interested in serving on the Commission may apply here or for more information contact 714-834-2206.



Receive and hear specific complaints and problems of discrimination; discuss each matter as appropriate and when appropriate make findings and report those findings, engage in research and education for the purpose of lessening and eliminating prejudice and its effects, coordinate and promote educational programs, which will foster understanding among various groups within Orange County; and work for the development of constructive community educational programs to prevent future problems and provide assistance and referral services to individuals and groups, which will facilitate understanding and participation in the decision-making process of Orange County institutions.


Commissioner’s Responsibility

Prepare for, attend and participate in the monthly meetings of the Commission. Participate in at least one committee.


Orange County Human Relations Commission meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the Multipurpose Room on the first floor of County Administration South (CAS), 601 N. Ross Street, Santa Ana, 92701. Commission meetings are open to the public; guests are invited to speak during the Open Forum. The office, parking lot and restrooms are accessible to people with disabilities.




Orange County Human Relations Commission Statement: Pride MonthJune 13, 2024
Orange County Human Relations Commission Statement: Antisemitism November 9, 2023
Orange County Human Relations Commission Statement: Islamophobia November 9, 2023
Orange County Human Relations Commission Statement:  PrideJune 8, 2023
Orange County Human Relations Commission Statement: Laguna Woods Church ShootingMay 20, 2022
Orange County Human Relations Commission Endorses Ethnic Studies Curriculum in K-12 EducationAugust 12, 2021
Orange County Human Relations Commission condemns racist and hateful rhetoric directed at Chairman Andrew Do & newly appointed Huntington Beach City Councilwoman, Rhonda BoltonAugust 12, 2021
Statement of SolidarityJuly 8, 2021
OC Human Relations Commission Makes Statement on Death of George FloydJune 12, 2020




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October 3, 2022, Special MeetingAgenda MinutesAudio
September 9, 2022, Special MeetingAgenda MinutesAudio
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December 16, 2021Agenda MinutesAudio
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June 11, 2020Agenda MinutesAudio
June 3, 2020, Special MeetingAgenda MinutesAudio
May 14, 2020Agenda MinutesAudio
April 9, 2020 MEETING CANCELLED Cancellation Notice  
March 12, 2020Agenda MinutesAudio
February 13, 2020Agenda MinutesAudio
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March 14, 2019AgendaRevision-Supplemental AgendaMinutesAudio
February 14, 2019Agenda MinutesAudio
January 10, 2019 (Note location change)Agenda MinutesAudio
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August 9, 2018AgendaCancellation Notice  
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June 14, 2018AgendaCancellation Notice  
May 10, 2018AgendaCancellation Notice  
April 12, 2018Agenda MinutesAudio
March 8, 2018, MEETING CANCELEDAgendaCancellation Notice  
February 8, 2018Agenda MinutesAudio
January 11, 2018Agenda MinutesAudio
December 14, 2017AgendaRevision-Supplemental AgendaMinutes 
November 9, 2017Agenda  Audio (mp3)