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Come join the Volunteer Service Team and make a positive change in our community!

Volunteer Services provides hundreds of opportunities a month from OC Animal Care, OC Community Services, OC Parks, OC Public Libraries and READ/OC, the adult literacy program. There are several events that work in collaboration with other agencies, sharing resources to serve the community more efficiently.


Revolutionize the Volunteer Experience


To enhance the individual volunteer experience by personalizing the delivery of meaningful volunteer opportunities 

Core Values

Engage Volunteers 
Develop Skills 
Provide Positive Experiences 
Cultivate Satisfaction of Service 
Recognize Efforts 

Monthly Volunteer Events

To browse through the events OC Community Resource's volunteers will be participating in, please click the appropriate link below.


October 2014 Events

November 2014 Events

October 9, 2013 
2013 California Coastal Cleanup Day

Statewide, over 51,000 volunteers removed close to 500,000 pounds of debris from our beaches, streams, rivers, and lakes across California during Sept 21st Coastal Cleanup Day. Locally, here are our numbers:

3,600 volunteers

157 miles covered

19,560 pounds of trash collected

1,465 pounds of recyclable collected

1,938 bags were used

1,022 people who brought at least 1 reusable item to use

To sign up for California Coastal Cleanup Day 2014, please visit 2014 Ca Coastal Clean Up On Line Registration.

September 19, 2013 
California Coastal Cleanup Day, Sat, Sept 21, 9am-12noon

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California Coastal Cleanup Day is set for this weekend, Sat, Sept 21 at several sites all over Orange County. This cleanup is the largest marine debris pick up in the world. For more information, visit Ca Coastal Cleanup Day 2013 Info and help to clean up OC!