About Us

On March 18, 2008, the Board of Supervisors approved the creation of OC Community Resources, made up of OC Animal Care, OC Community Services, OC Parks, and OC Public Libraries.  

  • OC Animal Care provides refuge for animal in the 18 contract cities and unincorporated areas of Orange County, adoption services, promotes community outreach and education on responsible pet ownership, and enforces Federal, State, and local animal control laws. 
  • OC Community Services links eligible customers to a wide variety of community resources that will help them to achieve self-sufficiency, seeks and secures alternate sources of funding, provides safe, affordable, and accessible housing and shelter opportunities, and provides comprehensive employment assistance and development services. 
  • OC Parks ensures that residents and visitors benefit from the regional parks system, educates and encourages residents and visitors to discover the parks system, responsibly manages public funds and revenues, and acquires, maintains and preserves park land. 
  • OC Public Libraries provides safe and easy access to libraries for the community, offers a broad spectrum of materials in multiple formats and provides the community with the best access to the collection, and delivers knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff to support the information needs of the community.